Eliminating veteran families suicides

To save lives, so our veterans' children will have a strong support for their parent(s) transiting back in society. Giving children a healthy foundation for their future and generation to come.

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The holidays are here, and suicides are at its peak. An estimated of 22 veterans commit suicide each day. These numbers do not represent suicide by law enforcement or aggravating civilians to kill them, leaving children without a parent to foster them to have a healthy future. What many people don't realize, children who have a parent that commits suicide can have the tendency later in years to attempt suicide or sadly become another statistic. Regardless of Military or civilian families, the second leading cause of death among youth between 15 to 24 years old, is suicide. The third, leading cause of death among kids between the age of 10 to 14 years old is suicide.

Support Kids In Progress, Inc. (S.K.I.P.) was developed after hearing more Military Men and Women committing suicide than those who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan War, plus many are returning home with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), sometimes leading to suicide. This mental illness not only affect our Military and Veterans, it has an impact on the entire family, especially their children.

Because our men and women volunteered part of their life to serve and protect our country to give us the life of freedom, we are enjoying our life with our children. While many are returning home with PTSD, sometimes leading to suicide. Our veterans were not the only ones gave part of their life. Their children experience the pain and worries while their parent(s) were away. Then, feel the pain when their parent(s) return home a change person. Some are feeling the devastation of losing a parent by suicide.

Please join S.K.I.P. in thanking our U. S. Military and Veterans for serving and protecting our country by eliminating veteran families suicides. Your generous tax deductible contribution can make a difference in saving lives, giving our veterans' children who are our future a healthy foundation in their lives with their parents.

Remember, Veterans served our country to protect and give us the life of freedom. Now it's time we serve them. Freeing our Veterans from emotional pain, so they may live this beautiful life with their family God gave them.